5 paragraph for my favorite food like spaghetti

It was very interesting. First of all, I used Inspiration and wrote five senses of human, and then I got adjectives for each sense. In this point, I did brainstorm to have many adjectives.

5 paragraph for my favorite food like spaghetti

My favorite food is sam-gyup-sal. It is crunch sweet. My mom makes it very best in the world. I eat with sag-chu, garlic,go- chu-jang or sum-jang,onian ,green onian of sose. And I get sam-gyup-sal, onian, green onian of sose and go- chu-jang on sag-chu and band it And eat it is fantastic, wonderful in the world.

We are drink the coke, soda,or fanta. I think sam-gyup-sal is very very very tasety in the world.


Actually my favorite pizza is cheese pizza. When I eat pizza I always be happy and glad. I will like to go to America because there will be many hamburgers and pizza stores. On my birthday I will eat lots of lots of pizzas. It is very spicy, and it taste delicious and amazing.

I like chicken too, because I like hen and it is crunchy. I like pizza too. Pizza has many cheese, ham, bread, and tomato souse. It tastes very delicious. I like lips too. It has lip souse and a beat. This is very fantastic food.

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I like these foods very much. Maybe It wills same with me. The food you made? I think I would be all delicious fantastic food. It is about favorite food.

I like tomato spaghetti and cream spaghetti Tomato spaghetti and cream spaghetti are both delicious. And I like cheese spaghetti, too, because when I am hungry and eat cheese spaghetti I feel very happy.Write a paragraph about your favorite type of food.

Make sure to have a topic sentence, reasons with details, and a concluding paragraph. Don’t forget to use transitions! Another one of my favorite food is fried rice. I like it steamed and with carrots, peas, and shrimp.

Also, I enjoy eating chicken and pork.

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I like the taste of the sauce. Essays on Essay On My Favorite Food. Essay On My Favorite Food his favorite video game is nba 2k. His favorite colors are blue and purple His favorite food is spaghetti He speaks Words; 3 Pages; Life In a Metro City the delicious food from all over the world, like Japanese food, German food, Turkish food, and so on.

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Jun 04,  · Descriptive Paragraph is my favorite writing. While I write this paragraph, I imagined to eat spaghetti. I felt that it is good to write about food because of good imagination. classic spaghetti carbonara (Photo credit: Wikipedia.

Spaghetti. I think a lot of people like to eat spaghetti, and it is one of my favorite dishes. When. Transcript of My Favorite food is spaghetti. The ingredients in Spaghetti are olive oil, spaghetti noodles, garlic, salt, water, Parmesan cheese,and sauce.

History behind spaghetti The reason that spaghetti is my favorite food is because I like the taste and it was the first food that I ate when.

5 paragraph for my favorite food like spaghetti

My favorite food is pasta. I love pasta with cream sauce with some kind of vegetable like spinach or brocolli. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruit, whole wheat pasta, rice, bread, and cereal.

My favorite food is spaghetti. Spaghetti was made in Southern Italy around the 12th century. My favorite restaurant is called La Bohme. I like the spaghetti called `Disperazione. ` If you translate this to English, this means despair.

I don’t know why the name is called despair.

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