A list of physical notions

Despite this many were confined as inpatients for substantial periods of time and all were discharged with the diagnosis of a psychiatric disorder. Many patients were subsequently identified as likely pseudopatients but in fact no pseudopatient had been sent. This part of the paper is discussed often only in passing. A psychiatric diagnosis is more a function of the situation in which the observer finds a patient and reveals little about a patient themselves.

A list of physical notions

Basic features of heredity Prescientific conceptions of heredity Heredity was for a long time one of the most puzzling and mysterious phenomena of nature.

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This was so because the sex cells, which form the bridge across which heredity must pass between the generations, are usually invisible to the naked eye. Only after the invention of the microscope early in the 17th century and the subsequent discovery of the sex cells could the essentials of heredity be grasped.

Nevertheless, the female and male sex cells may be very different in size and structure; the mass of an egg cell is sometimes millions of times greater than that of a spermatozoon.

The ancient Babylonians knew that pollen from a male date palm tree must be applied to the pistil s of a female tree to produce fruit. German botanist Rudolph Jacob Camerarius showed in that the same is true in corn maize. They found that these hybrids were, on the whole, intermediate between the parents, although in some characteristics they might be closer to one parent and in others closer to the other parent.

The hybrid progenies of these reciprocal crosses were usually alike, indicating that, contrary to the belief of Aristotle, the hereditary endowment of the progeny was derived equally from the female and the male parents.

Many more experiments on plant hybrids were made in the s. These investigations also revealed that hybrids were usually intermediate between the parents. They incidentally recorded most of the facts that later led Gregor Mendel see below to formulate his celebrated rules and to found the theory of the gene.

Courtesy of the International Museum of Photography at George Eastman House, Rochester, New York The blood theory of heredity, if this notion can be dignified with such a name, is really a part of the folklore antedating scientific biology.

It strikes a snag, however, when one observes that a child has some characteristics that are not present in either parent but are present in some other relatives or were present in more-remote ancestors.

Even more often, one sees that brothers and sisters, though showing a family resemblance in some traits, are clearly different in others. Mendel disproved the blood theory.

A list of physical notions

He showed 1 that heredity is transmitted through factors now called genes that do not blend but segregate, 2 that parents transmit only one-half of the genes they have to each child, and they transmit different sets of genes to different children, and 3 that, although brothers and sisters receive their heredities from the same parents, they do not receive the same heredities an exception is identical twins.

In sexually reproducing organisms, humans included, every individual has a unique hereditary endowment. Not only Lamarck but also other 19th-century biologists, including Darwinaccepted the inheritance of acquired traits.

It was questioned by German biologist August Weismannwhose famous experiments in the late s on the amputation of tails in generations of mice showed that such modification resulted neither in disappearance nor even in shortening of the tails of the descendants.

Weismann concluded that the hereditary endowment of the organism, which he called the germ plasmis wholly separate and is protected against the influences emanating from the rest of the body, called the somatoplasm, or soma. The germ plasm—somatoplasm are related to the genotype—phenotype concepts, but they are not identical and should not be confused with them.

It simply means that what is acquired by parents in their physique and intellect is not inherited by their children.

How ancient these beliefs are is suggested in the Book of Genesisin which Laban produced spotted or striped progeny in sheep by showing the pregnant ewes striped hazel rods. Even Darwin, as late asseriously discussed an alleged case of telegony: The simple explanation for this result is that such stripes occur naturally in some breeds of horses.

All these beliefs, from inheritance of acquired traits to telegony, must now be classed as superstitions. They do not stand up under experimental investigation and are incompatible with what is known about the mechanisms of heredity and about the remarkable and predictable properties of genetic materials.

Nevertheless, some people still cling to these beliefs. Soviet biologist and agronomist Trofim Denisovich Lysenko was able for close to a quarter of a century, roughly between andto make his special brand of Lamarckism the official creed in the Soviet Union and to suppress most of the teaching and research in orthodox genetics.

He and his partisans published hundreds of articles and books allegedly proving their contentionswhich effectively deny the achievements of biology for at least the preceding century.

The Lysenkoists were officially discredited in Page 1 of The mathematical formulations of quantum mechanics are those mathematical formalisms that permit a rigorous description of quantum vetconnexx.com are distinguished from mathematical formalisms for theories developed prior to the early s by the use of abstract mathematical structures, such as infinite-dimensional Hilbert spaces and operators on these spaces.

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Gender taxonomy.

A list of physical notions

The following systematic list gender taxonomy illustrates the kinds of diversity that culture, gender, hormones, physical and social development, and physical and social environments. A core who according to the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights, "do not fit typical binary notions of male or.

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