Are jails necessary

But why, exactly, do they exist? We will answer this question on this page and hopefully give you a better idea of why bail bonds are a necessity.

Are jails necessary

Alexandra Giroux Prisons are currently in a critical situation as a journalist has recently written in The Guardian Dyer However, during past two hundred years, they have emerged as a key component of the criminal system justice, after humanitarian ideologies have grown.

In our individual, rational and secular society, the deprivation of liberty is the most severe punishment. But currently, there is a crisis in prisons, because of different factors including containment, visibility, authority and legitimacy. So, this essay will wonder why society still have prisons.

Are jails necessary

First, it will critically assess and evaluate the justification of the existence of the prisons in modern society. Then, it will try to understand the sociological approach to the problem. In a third part, it will identify the effectiveness of alternatives to custody, focusing on the thesis of the abolitionists.

First, this essay will try to understand why prisons exist in modern society. When someone commits a criminal act, people think that something has to be done, because they want to be reassured, and currently, prisons are probably the first thing they think about.

The huge influence of Human Rights lead to consider the prison as the most Are jails necessary punishment, instead of the death penalty or corporal punishment which are an attempt to stuffiness and which does not solve the problem.

Even though, this essay will show later that others kinds of sanctions do exist. Public humiliations are not the norm currently because the public may be more sensitive about that: Using the prisons is as well an easier way to deal with possible miscarriages of justice, where death penalty fails.

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Society uses prisons instead of something else but it is a choice. Sometimes, some people are in prison even if they have not been judged by a court. Some people can experience immediate imprisonment, detention or suspended sentence of imprisonment: It can be wondered if women, youths or old people have their place in prisons.

But, most important, we should consider the reasons given by the society toward the use of prisons. Prisons have different aims. But other less official justifications exist. An aim of the prison is deterrence, which means that people would probably not commit a crime if they know that it can lead to spend the rest of their life in a jail.

It makes the offender himself fearful of committing another crime. This is a prevention measure. Then, there is retribution punishment: The people who have committed a crime are punished because they deserve it.

Mathiesen explains that all the undesirable, unproductive and disruptive people are found in prisons.

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It is ass well important to mention rehabilitation: At least on the paper, prison could reduce the incidence of crime because it takes a form that will improve the character of the offenders. Different programs exist e. In addition, the question that has to be asked is how people can prove that they have changed.

Are jails necessary

And as Goffman asks, it is important to wonder if prisons might play more a part in debilitation than in rehabilitation: Another aim is the incapacitation: People are kept away from the society and though from committing crime.

Mathiesen states that it diverts the attention of lowing worker class from lower crimes. But it is not always a public protection; for instance, heroine dealers are usually quickly replaced so the problem is not solved.

However, prisons are now ruled by some key performance indicators and some targets such as security, justice and control. There is a gap between what prisons are supposed to achieve and what really happen.

Exploring the repertoire of people writing about prisons, leads to notice that some expressions are quite depreciative:A bail bond is how agencies like Bail Hotline get people out of jail.

If you were to bail out John using an agent, for example, you would need to contact a bail agent and tell them the bail amount, what the charges are, where John is being held, and John’s full name.

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Reform L.A. Jails is a coalition of jail and prison experts, public safety and criminal justice reform leaders, residents, business owners and the community at large working to pass the Reform Jails and Community Reinvestment Initiative. County Jails Deploy Whole-Body Scanners to Detect Hidden Weapons or Contraband Collier County, Fla., Sheriff’s Office among law enforcement using full-body scans to catch smuggled items on.

A definition of the term "prison" is necessary in any discussion of the prison's role, for during the past eighty years our correctional institu- tions have been adapted to a changing role in a changing society.

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The term jail tends to describe institutions for confining people for shorter periods of time (e.g. for shorter sentences or pre-trial detention) and are usually operated by local governments. Outside of North America, prison and jail have the same meaning. the inmate's education, vocational, and psychological needs, and to separate non-violent inmates from the more predatory.

Classification is also indispensable for any coherent future planning." Managers of small jails must realize that classification enhances and supports several correctional policies and management goals.

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