Border and regulatory search and seizures

Today, data is rarely kept where it is created. The ease and cost savings of data storage mean that many communications and social platforms store data around the world. Over the years, U. Communications service providers have argued that the SCA does not have the extraterritorial scope to allow U.

Border and regulatory search and seizures

Medical Marijuana: Parents of Kids with Epilepsy Search for Cure

Malaria prevention[ edit ] Mefloquine is useful for the prevention of malaria in all areas except for those where parasites may have resistance to multiple medications, [8] and is one of several anti-malarial medications recommended by the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention for this purpose.

It is also recommended by the Infectious Disease Society of America for malaria prophylaxis as a first or second-line agent, depending on resistance patterns in the malaria found in the geographic region visited.

Limited data suggests that it is safe for this purpose. In pregnant travelers, it appears to pose minimal risk to the fetus. Neurologic effects include dizziness, loss of balance, and tinnitus. The label warns that mild symptoms may presage more serious ones, and that the drug should be discontinued at the first sign of symptoms.

Mefloquine should not be used in people with a history of psychiatric problems. Central nervous system events requiring hospitalization occur in about one in 10, people taking mefloquine for malaria prevention, with milder events e.

Combining mefloquine with other drugs that cause similar effects, such as quinine or quinidinecan increase these effects. Combining mefloquine with halofantrine can cause significant increases in QTc intervals.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding[ edit ] A retrospective analysis of outcomes in more than 2, women found no evidence that mefloquine was associated with an increased risk of birth defects or miscarriages. Its elimination in persons with impaired liver function may be prolonged, resulting in higher plasma levels and an increased risk of adverse reactions.

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The mean elimination plasma half-life of mefloquine is between two and four weeks. During long-term use, the plasma half-life remains unchanged.

Essentially, it is two drugs in one. Mefloquine was numberof a total ofantimalarial compounds screened during the study. FDA approval as a treatment for malaria was swift.

Most notably, phase III safety and tolerability trials were skipped. This approval was based primarily on compliance, while safety and tolerability were overlooked.

Search Warrant Exceptions

Prophylaxis with mefloquine was compared to prophylaxis with atovaquone-proguanil. Research[ edit ] In Junethe first case report appeared of a progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy being successfully treated with mefloquine. Mefloquine can also act against the JC virus. Administration of mefloquine seemed to eliminate the virus from the patient's body and prevented further neurological deterioration.

Mefloquine alters cholinergic synaptic transmission through both postsynaptic [31] and presynaptic actions.The Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) (French: Agence des services frontaliers du Canada; ASFC) is a federal agency that is responsible for border enforcement, immigration enforcement and customs services..

The Agency was created on December 12, , by an order-in-council amalgamating Canada Customs (from the now-defunct Canada Customs and Revenue Agency) with border and . The government’s interest in “securing” its borders gives customs officials increased search-and-seizure powers.

But the scope of those powers depends in part on whether you’re at—or near—the border. Border and Regulatory Searches 1 Search and Seizure Team D – Danielle Cherry, Dominca Cobb, Phyllis, Rowmeena Torres Criminal Procedure / CJA April 15, John Hullar – Instructor This preview has intentionally blurred sections%(2).

Border and regulatory search and seizures

*Vinesh Basdeo. Lecturer, College of Law, University of South Africa. This article is based on a Masters dissertation submitted by the author for the completion of the .

Border and regulatory search and seizures

Updated August 15, Stephen R. Viña Legislative Attorney American Law Division. requirement on all searches and seizures conducted by th e government, and has ruled Routine border search es are reasonable simply by virtue of the. Join other working Victorians from around the state, as they pledge to be more aware of mental and physical safety.

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