Critical appreciation of charles lamb s south sea house

The throng of merchants was here—the quick pulse of gain—and here some forms of business are still kept up, though the soul be long since fled.

Critical appreciation of charles lamb s south sea house

With competition between European nations at its height, countries like France, Holland, England and Sweden looked for their share of land and riches.

Critical appreciation of charles lamb s south sea house

While France would concentrate on settling along the St. Lawrence and Mississippi rivers, England and others would begin settling along the eastern coast of North America.

It would be the English Queen Elizabeth I who would grant the first charter or royal permission to begin a colony to Sir Walter Raleigh.

Oftentimes when we look back at the founding of the American colonies we tend to look to the Pilgrims and their motivations for coming to America.

The idea that a people, the Puritans, who were being shunned because of their religious beliefs in England would go through all the trouble associated with a trans-Atlantic voyage just so they could gain freedom of religion is just too good a story to pass up.

It should be remembered, however, that the Puritans came to America for their own religious freedom and not to establish it for others; indeed, the Puritans of Massachusetts were eager persecutors of dissidents and members of other denominations.

Also, it should be kept in mind that America was founded as a series of companies, all of which were in the business of making money for their investors.

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Without money flowing back to their investors, the English colonies would be doomed to failure. With little or no gold to be found along the eastern shores of North America, it would be cash crops that would have to sustain the colonies. A Virginia settler named John Rolfe, who would later wed Pocahontas, would discover just the crop to make the Virginia Company profitable: Most of these enterprises ended in disaster, with the exception of two Spanish colonies that managed to survive.

Thus, Jamestown was the first successful English settlement, but only the third successful European colony in North America. Colonizing North America was a risky business. Most of the early expeditions consisted of soldiers who fought with the natives and did not know how to farm.

Lured by the promise of new land and possible treasure, however, European adventurers never stopped trying.

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By the s, Spanish conquistadors had conquered Mexico, Central America, the islands of the Caribbean, and the northwestern coast of South America. In the s and s, Spain organized these territories into the Viceroyalties of New Spain and Peru and hundreds of thousands of Spaniards immigrated to the New World.

With these conquests, Spain amassed great wealth. Lured by the possibility of additional gold and silver, Spanish explorers pushed into North America.

Miguel de Guadalupe except that it was somewhere on the South Carolina or Georgia coast. Disease and starvation killed four hundred fifty people before the survivors returned to Cuba. These Spaniards probably brought the first African slaves to North America. InSpanish soldiers landed near Tampa Bay, Florida.

However, only four men out of six hundred of these adventurers lived to return to Mexico. By the early s, two expensive expeditions led by Ponce de Leon and Hernando de Soto failed to strike gold in Florida.

The Spanish monarchy was beginning to lose interest in establishing North American colonies, an endeavor that seemed to be more trouble than it was worth. InFrench settlers built Fort Caroline near Jacksonville. At the same time, French pirates had been raiding Spanish ships sailing through the Gulf of Mexico.

When word reached Spain that the pirates may have been using the French fort as a base, Spanish admiral Pedro Menendez de Aviles was sent to Florida to expel the French and establish settlements to help protect the northern borders of the Spanish Empire.

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Augustine on September 8, The city received its name because it was first spotted on August 28, the Catholic feast day of Augustine Hippo. A little more than a year later Martin de Arguelles was born in St.

He was the first European known to have been born in North America.Millworker's children eating watermelon on porch of rented house. Six miles north of Roxboro, Person County, North Carolina, July Dorothea Lange photo Family gatherings, lining the kids up and giving them each a big ole slice of watermelon.

Summary of the essay DREAM CHILDREN by Charles Lamb Summary of the Essay THE SOUTH-SEA HOUSE by Charles Lamb A critical appreciation of the. Charles lamb began Lamb refer to himself in the third person s 'L' in this essay. 'South Sea House' gives us a rare John vetconnexx.comal Appreciation (1).

The article discusses author Charles Lamb's association with the South Sea Co. in Threadneedle Street, London, England.

This company was a clearing house through which interest payments on the.


THE SOUTH-SEA HOUSE. READER, in thy passage from the Bank - where thou hast been receiving thy half-yearly dividends (supposing thou art a lean annuitant like myself) to the Flower Pot, to secure.

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