Express luxury lines

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Express luxury lines

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Davis Strayer University Management Dr. Prakash Menon April 29, Abstract This critical analysis case of Empress Luxury Lines is based on circumstances of ethical dilemmas and challenges of top level managers and their employees faced with decisions on what anyone person or persons would do against making ethical decisions.

Despite of the needed computer upgrade for the Empress Luxury Liner for Empress, top management issues was to find other ways to limit cost. The luxury liner had fallen on hard times due to numerous factors some of which was not controllable by this business.

In this case analysis we will explore how right or wrong decision making can create ethical dilemmas for a business.

Antonio, being that he was only on the job two years, and Kevin Pfeiffer, the new hire, the ethical decision dilemma for them was in Express luxury lines the truth about the power surge damaged that struck the ship to its onboard computer system.

Antonio knew that the risk in defrauding the insurance company of the true nature of what happened to the computer system onboard the ship could have dire consequences for him and Kevin. Kevin did exactly what he believed would be great news of the minimum fixable damage, but Phil was not happy.

Instead, Kevin was instructed to remove and destroy all the wires and the cables and haul them elsewhere so that the insurance adjuster upon arrival would not know the difference in the damage.

Kevin refused choosing to make the intelligent ethical decision to not due as instructed and to not become part of a fraud scheme or the culture of top management habitually submitting fraudulent claims.

The cruise liner had unprecedented demand by consumers to sail on its luxury liner. Empress had to refund monies to its clients for cruises they could not use due to these uncertainties.

In essence, contingency planning was enacted to respond to the unexpected conditions of weather, terrorism, and medical emergencies. This is why Antonio could not or did not see his fervent request to have monies to upgrade the ships computer system was not accepted.

Until the damage of the computer system was verbally reported to Bailey, then the accepted practices of Empress by top management of fraud which was readily the condone nature, the assurance of Kevin, or Antonio being protected under the Whistle-blower act was essentially an ignored, systemic practice and rooted in the business climate culture from top to bottom.

These approaches best describe how Antonio should handle the situation at hand. This approach Antonio is ethical decision maker and he understands the consequences of actions and plans to benefit for the greater good for Empress.

If Antonio chooses to use this approach he has the pulse of the organizations systemic practices but he has to figure out how to lead by example while limiting potential dire results for Empress by reporting what really happened to the insurance adjuster and authorities.

If Antonio decides to stay quiet and do nothing he knows the risk and the ethical investigation that could ensue by law. The decision to do nothing hurts but if this is his decision, to help defraud the insurance company, the upside is that Empress will have a upgraded and repaired computer system.

I would equate the fraud case involving the SBA Program of widespread fraud with the HUBZone Empowerment Contracting program similar to how systemic practices of obvious fraud with rewarding contracts to business firms who were not eligible to receive such funding. This article exemplifies the seriousness that when it all goes wrong, in the utilitarian approach the benefit yielded still the lesser of a potentially disastrous result.

This approach helps Antonio because he believes in the fundamental rights of individuals in the ethical decision making process. If Antonio chooses to avoid the systemic behavior by Empress because it will impede on a persons right then he would be ethically deciding to go against the grain of behavior even though he knows he may lose his job by telling the truth.

The issue with this approach who determines the legitimacy of what is ethical or not about the way the cruise liner decides to conduct its business.Luxury Holidays.

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Express luxury lines

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