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Order now Godiva operations in Singapore Singapore can be an interesting market to penetrate through direct investment or franchising. Godiva has directly invested in Singapore through setting up shops and boutiques in several cities in Singapore. This country is strategically situated at the southern tip of the Malaysian Peninsula.

Godiva chocolatier swot

Godiva expanded beyond its traditional chocolate business by innovating and introducing new product categories, keeping up to local festivals and developing new marketing campaigns. Aspirational, Accessible, and Relevant While retaining the prestige and luxury image of the brand, Godiva aims to aspire, to be accessible and stay relevant to consumers.

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Aside from the traditional use of its website as a mode of distribution channel, Godiva features its chefs and their credentials to create brand resonance with their consumers. Godiva reached out to its consumers through its user-friendly virtual shop and disturbing its product in major grocery stores.

Apart from its current Facebook page and Twitter account, the new email lightboxes on its home page allows Godiva consumers to be updated with new product releases, promotions and company announcements.

True Global Leadership Godiva endeavors to widen its global footprint and reaching out to more markets. It has over retail outlets globally and focuses on building capabilities to adapt to its increasing local markets.chocolate Godiva Background Godiva Chocolatier, a Belgium chocolate manufacturer famous for its premium quality handcrafted chocolates, was founded in in Brussels by the master chocolatier Joseph Draps and it was purchased by the Campbell Soup Company which faciliatates the activities of brand aroun the World.

Godiva chocolatier swot

I. Executive Summary: A.

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History of Godiva: Godiva Chocolatier was founded 80 years ago in Brussels, Belgium when master chocolatier Joseph Draps founded a chocolate company that was named in honor of the legend of Lady Godiva. It's not surprising that Godiva Chocolatier, one of the creators of the world's most elegant, hand-crafted chocolates, originated in Brussels, Belgium%(7).

SWOT Analysis Strengths. Guylian is the only Belgian chocolatier manufacturing its own praliné. It developed a Godiva is collaborating with the Coca-Cola Company to make Belgian chocolate blend drinks in retail stores.

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They sell Godiva Chocolate Liqueur and flavored coffee, as. Godiva Chocolatiers.

Godiva chocolatier swot

MARKETING PLAN FOR GODIVA CHOCOLATES – BISCUITS, COFFEE AND COCOA RANGE This report is the marketing plan. for the biscuits, coffee and cocoa range of Godiva Chocolates for its business in the United Kingdom.5/5(1).

Company history Godiva Chocolatier is a multinational Company that deals with manufacturing of premium chocolates and other products related to chocolates.

Godiva was founded in , in Belgium, but later purchased by the Turkish Yildiz Holdings, the owner of Ulker Group.

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