Mgcr 382 class notes

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Mgcr 382 class notes

We believe MAGEC-EOS offers distinct advantages over conventional expanding rod systems, including improved clinical outcomes, reduced complications associated with multiple repeat surgical procedures and cost savings to the healthcare system. Limb length discrepancies are currently treated with external fixation, a surgical treatment used to stabilize the bone from outside the body, which requires manual painful adjustments and results in variable clinical outcomes, high rates of infection and psychological comorbidities, including sleep disorders, depression and pain medication abuse.

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Our PRECICE LLD system consists of a non-invasively adjustable intramedullary nail, which is a metal rod that can be inserted into the central cavity of the bone shaft, coupled with an ERC that together are designed to internally lengthen the long bones of the leg with precision and control, and without the need for external fixation.

The PRECICE LLD system is designed to offer improved clinical outcomes, higher patient satisfaction, reduced pain and discomfort and improved quality of life as compared to traditional external fixation. Our robust pipeline includes additional products incorporating our MAGEC technology targeted at a wide range of orthopedic markets, including trauma, knee osteoarthritis and degenerative spine disease.

Through our research and development programs we continue to develop new products based on our MAGEC technology and improve its features and benefits. We market and sell our products globally through a sales organization that allows us to continually expand our sales infrastructure and penetrate new geographic markets.

Our global sales organization consists of direct sales managers that develop account relationships and recruit and lead a broad network of independent sales agencies and distributors.

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We currently market and sell our products in the United States and 29 other countries. We expect to continue to incur losses for the next few years.

Limitations of Conventional Orthopedic Implants Technology innovation and progress are dominant themes in the medical device industry due to the changing healthcare landscape and increasing patient expectations for high quality and improved clinical outcomes.

Mgcr 382 class notes

The orthopedic implant represents one of the most significant advancements in the treatment of debilitating orthopedic conditions that cannot be corrected with conservative, non-surgical treatment. The evolution of orthopedic implants has enabled product features that promote ease of use and durability as well as improved clinical outcomes and quality of life for patients.


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