Outline pit bull paper

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Outline pit bull paper

What is a Pit Bull? For example, all Labradors are part of the Retriever grouping yet not all Retrievers are Labrador Retrievers.

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When a dog breed is grouped, the name used to describe the group is determined by the word that is common to all the breeds in said grouping.

This tactic is employed to make it easy to describe a group of dogs that share some similar physical characteristics and are often targeted by Breed Specific Legislation.

We feel this practice is both confusing and misleading and actually dangerous. It really is a numbers game — obviously the more dog breeds included in a given category, the greater number of individual dogs are included.

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A higher number of dogs sampled means a higher number of bites. Naturally, you will have more bites from a group of dogs versus a group of 10 dogs.

Because of this, we cannot support any terminology that would allow statistics to be skewed to unfairly persecute the APBT as a breed that is more likely to cause injury or harm to a human. For this reason, we strongly advocate against the incorrect use of Pit Bull, in any form, whether with quotes, in lower-case, or otherwise, as an umbrella or generic term.

Targeted Breeds are any and all breeds that are often caught in the crossfire of irrational and irresponsible Breed Specific Laws. Even DNA tests have shown very questionable results, as shown in this video: Dual registration is when one dog is registered with more than one registry.

It is essentially a measurement tool used in dog show competitions and is also very helpful when trying to determine breed. Although many dogs will fall short of standard, if they diverge grossly from the standard, they are most likely not a purebred.

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Outline pit bull paper

Pit Bull Research Paper Pit bulls are a Misunderstood Breed Pit bulls are the most misunderstood dog breeds in the world. Argumentative Essay on Banning Pit Bulls.

Outline pit bull paper

By Lauren of pit bulls are often vicious defenders of their animals and tend to blame the individual for the actions of their pit bulls.

The high statistics of pit bull attacks are scary enough to warrant a ban of these animals. Our essay service can help you with writing an argumentative paper.

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