Pepsi promotion strategy

For example, snack products were added after PepsiCo acquired Frito-Lay. Other merchandise includes tumblers and t-shirts, which are manufactured by other companies with license from PepsiCo. Venues for distribution and sale are considered in this element of the marketing mix.

Pepsi promotion strategy

Sources Introduction Pepsico is one of the two leading soda beverages brands in the industry. It was formed after the merger of Pepsi and Frito lay in The brand continued to perform well even in the face of turbulent economic situation. The current CEO of Pepsico is Indra Nooyi and under her leadership, the brand has continued to expand its business and transform its product portfolio.

Even after the recession, the soda brands have continued to face difficulties because of the sweeping changes globally throughout the industry. Pepsi has been known for creating exciting marketing campaigns.

It has 20 billion dollar brands in its portfolio. However, the brand is investing in international markets too for faster growth. It has organized its business in six reportable segments.

The brand is also investing heavily in technology for superior growth and for marketing. Marketing is one of the primary drivers of business growth for Pepsi and therefore the soda giant invests billions in advertising and promotion.

Its nearest competitor is Coca Cola and both brands are engaged in an intense battle. Each one invests heavily in marketing and product innovation for growth.

Pepsi along with its consolidated subsidiaries employspeople out of whichwere employed in US alone[ 1 ]. Marketing strategy of Pepsico: Market Positioning and segmentation: It has positioned itself as a snacks and beverages brand that include nutritious and low calorie choices apart from normal soda products.

Place/Distribution in PepsiCo’s Marketing Mix

Pepsi is positioned as a brand that reflects young energy and this is also a key theme across its advertising and marketing campaigns. The customers of Pepsi are mainly from the 13 to 35 age group. In other words you can say, it is a brand for the millenials.

Pepsi has maintained a pricing strategy that has made it an affordable brand. Its customers are from all income segments including lower middle class to upper class.

Pepsi promotion strategy

Now, it has also released smaller options for its several soft drinks to make its products more affordable and accessible. Its customers include the teenagers and youth with a modern and fast moving lifestyle. Large Investment in Marketing Pepsico has traditionally relied heavily on marketing for driving sales and market growth.

Like Coca Cola it too spends heavily on marketing and promotion. Inits marketing budget was 4. However, the world of marketing has changed a lot with the rise of the digital technology.

Apart from that a large sum is also spent on television advertising and other traditional methods of advertising.

Any leading brand is investing heavily in digital technology for marketing and better customer experience.

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Since the rise of social media, brands are connecting with their customers in real time with promotional campaigns. On the one hand, social media has helped the brands with marketing to allow them to connect with millions of customers globally in an instant and without any financial investment.

On the other hand, it has also made the brands more conscious regarding product quality and innovation because any comment or news shared on social media goes viral in a second.The marketing mix or 4Ps (Product, Place, Promotion & Price) is the combination of strategies and tactics that the firm uses to implement its marketing plan.

In this regard, PepsiCo employs various strategies and tactics based on its array of products and brands. Pepsi refocuses marketing spend behind its big brands as full-price sales take a hit Soft drink maker admits that it hasn’t been able to sell as much at full price as rivals and is planning a “step up in investment” for advertising and marketing, ecommerce, data analytics and digital capability.

Advertising Strategy of Pepsi Pepsi’s target audience are mostly teens and young adults and their advertising reflects this in every possible way. The company changes its advertising strategy and image to reflect the target's interests.

Promotional Strategies for PEPSI The two basis objective for carrying out such various promotional activities by Pepsi is to generate more sales as well as to create and maintain an image of its product.5/5(4).

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PepsiCo Inc. is an American The promotion includes cool, hip promos to attract the multinational food, snack and beverage corporation headquartered in Purchase, New York, United States, with interests in.

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