Rajneeti aur vidyarthi essays

His mother died when he was very young. Ram was introduced to the Indian Independence Movement at an early age by his father through the various protest assemblies Hari Lal took his son to. Ram made his first contribution to the freedom struggle by organizing a small hartal on the death of Lokmanya Tilak. Hari Lal, an ardent follower of Mahatma Gandhitook his son along on a meeting with the Mahatma.

Rajneeti aur vidyarthi essays

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When she enters the house, there is a broken mirror on the wall, and in that mirror, we see two faces of her. This two second scene can easily summarize the story of Haider.

Later, Haider remarks, "Do chehre hain aapke. Characters talk about understanding a different perspective.

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Haider says to his mom, "Har baar, har waaqiya, sirf appki palko he peeche se hi nazar aana chahiye, hamesha? Kabhi to bhoole bhatke kisi aur ka nazariya dekhne ki koshish kijiye.

This leitmotif of the other side is present not only in the characters' perspective but also in other aspects of the film.

At many times, Haider moved by the plight of the Kashmiris says, "Hum hai ke hum nahi", "Hai ke hai nahi, bas yahi sawaal hai," or "Shak pe hai yakeen, yakeen pe hai shak mujhe", taking inspiration from Hamlet's "To be or not to be.

The Army Officer replies that for them there is only one Islamabad that is across the border, as if referring to the closed mindset of the Indian Army. Even in the song Bismil, Haider enacts a story of a two-faced falcon and one side of Haider's dress is black, and the other side is colored, again referring to some sort of duality.

In fact, as a film, Haider explores another side of Kashmiri issue from the eyes of a Kashmiri, although one-sided but it tries to balance in the end. Do chehre hai aap ke Haider is easily the most talked about film of the year.

Almost everyone has written glorious reviews of the film. I am not qualified enough to write such beautiful reviews that people have written, and since I have not even read Hamlet, I explore some metaphors that Vishal uses in the film. As always, Vishal Bharadwaj uses metaphors to portray a deeper meaning and motivation of his characters.

Like the red muffler and Arshia. Early in the film, we see that Arshia is knitting a red muffler. Later, when she completes it, she presents it as a gift to her father Parvez Lone.

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When Parvez goes to Khurram's place to take Haider to the hospital, he sees him with a gun. He, then, uses the muffler to tie Haider's hands. The muffler was a symbolic reference for Arshia. Parvez manipulated his daughter to extract information from her about Haider's plan to kill Khurram.

The tying of the muffler on Haider's hand was again referring to the fact that Parvez used his daughter to stop Haider.

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The red muffler was Arshia herself. Later, after her father is shot by Haider, Arshia is sitting on a swing and is unknitting the muffler. A few moments later, she is lying on her bed, with the muffler completely unknit, and the strands of the red wool on her face.

Again, this reflected that, just like the muffler does not exist anymore, she is also completely broken. Her father, whom she loved, has been shot dead by her lover. Her brother will now kill her lover and she has nothing to look forward to in her life.

Rajneeti aur vidyarthi essays

So, she also unknits herself from the world and commits suicide. I, honestly, did not find them as funny as they were made out to be. These two Salmans share immense love for the superstar with whom they share their moniker. In the end, Haider kills the two Salmans by smashing them repeatedly with stones.May 09,  · Short Essay on 'Student Life and Discipline' in Hindi | 'Vidyarthi Jivan aur Anushasan' par Nibandh ( Words) Friday, May 9, .

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Rajneeti aur vidyarthi essays

Oct 13,  · Remember, in Rajneeti, Samar (Ranbir Kapoor) wrote a thesis on 'The Sub-textual, Emotional Violence of the 19th century Victorian Poetry.' I, Author: Dichotomy of Irony.

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