Steven truscott

She had one older brother, Barry Harper, who lived in Ohio and a younger brother, Jeffrey.

Steven truscott

As their leave are bled And the days tick by As the sky turns lead For the small, scared boy On the small, stark bed A fourteen-year-old Who is not quite dead. Could this have been something that caused the Canadian government to review the need for capital punishment?

Probably not, but I am sure his voice was heard and that he still made an impact. I believe, in order to better understand the conviction and sentencing of Truscott, one must first have some understanding of the history of the Canadian juvenile justice system, as well as information on the use of capital punishment in Canada.

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The following information came from the Canada Department of Justice website. Throughout the s, there really was no separate justice system in Canada for juvenile offenders. They were sentenced to prisons and served the same sentences as adults. Small changes were starting to take place at the end of the 19th Century.

In some of the provinces, industrial, or remedial, schools were being developed. The following ideas were included in the proposal: The organization supported a program that included special courts for young offenders, limited use of detention for those under 14, qualified staff for reformatories and industrial schools and the use of indefinite sentences.

Another attempt for reform came from Ontario in Although it only applied specifically to Ontario, it did have national impact and heightened awareness for the juvenile reform campaign. The Ontario Commission recommended the following: Although many acts were passed to keep children in separate prisons from adults, the Juvenile Delinquents Act of still allowed for children over the age of 14 that were accused of murder or treason to be transferred to ordinary courts.

This act set the tone in the Canadian Justice system about the next 75 years. It was just one year later, inthat the Department of Justice assembled a committee to study the details of the Act.

Steven truscott

The final report, issued infocused on the need for additional action, including equal application of the Act throughout all of Canada, and better training for judges and court officials in handling juvenile offenders.

Quebec was the first province to take action after this report was issued. It took steps to be sure all juvenile offenders had access to lawyers.

Steven Truscott: This is the case that ended capital punishment in Canada. Here is the family that paid the price. Police charged year-old Steven Truscott three days after finding his schoolmate's body. In , he was sentenced to be hanged at age 14 for a schoolmate's murder, becoming Canada's youngest. View the profiles of people named Steven Truscott. Join Facebook to connect with Steven Truscott and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power.

Many of the standards in the juvenile system were not put in to place until after Truscott was released from prison inbut his case, combined with many other young offenders, paved the road, and caused the Canadian Justice department to examine the way these young people were being punished.

The policies began to standardize in the s by enforcing the right to counsel throughout the country, and also allowing the right to appeal a conviction. The minimum age for prosecution was raised to 12 years old.

Steven truscott

Other changes were made to standardize convictions and sentencing. Detention could not exceed two years, except when the crime would normally be punishable by a life sentence, in which case, the maximum was three years. In the late s, there was an amendment made to increase the penalty for murder.

The penalty for first-degree murder was raised to a maximum of 10 years, and second-degree to 7 years. Except for a few other suggestions for special treatment of offenders under the age of 12, these Canada-wide standards have continued to stay in place.

Along with the many changes in the juvenile system, Canada has also seen changes in the Criminal Justice system regarding capital punishment.A retired OPP officer believes there is a credible suspect in the murder of Lynne Harper, a crime Steven Truscott was convicted for, and later acquitted of.

View the profiles of people named Steven Truscott. Join Facebook to connect with Steven Truscott and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power. In September in a Canadian courtroom, year-old Steven Truscott was found guilty of raping and murdering his classmate year-old Lynne Harper.

Author: Sarah Harland-Logan Introduction. In , Steven Truscott was only fourteen years old when he was charged with the murder of his classmate Lynne Harper.

After his wrongful conviction, Steven spent nearly 50 years seeking justice before he was acquitted by the Ontario Court of Appeal in Apache/ (Ubuntu) Server at Port Truscott Property is Edinburgh's leading estate agents.

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