Sunsilk segmentation strategy

More for more produce high quality products, charge a high price, distribute through high quality dealers, advertise in high-quality media, hire and train more service people.

Sunsilk segmentation strategy

Having entered the country inthe company revolutionised itstactics by rolling out Garnier Colour Naturals, a low-cost hair dyedeveloped specifically for the Asian nation.

Company has chosen a prominent and internationally famousBollywood face Kareena Kapoor to give hair care tips to thecustomers.? Kareena Kapoor has been chosen for Garnier endorsementbecause of her popularity and her confidence and to make itmore reachable to the youths of India.

Garnier targeted the segment between age group say 5- Garnier Fructis Anti Dandruff, the dandruff control segment includes people from all age groups with the exception of children. Garnier Fructis Color shield, the color protection segment is mainly comprised of young people, teens, and a high volume of the adult population.

Garnier Fructis Daily Care is completely satisfying needs andwants simply because it provides a terrific hair care and a sense ofuniqueness.? Garnier Fructis focuses on four identified segments: Dandruffcontrol, color protection, moisture and nutrition, and yet anotherwith control of frizz, waves and curls.

Presence in Emerging Markets. Late Entry into Asian markets. Unable to gain much of market share. Demand for Natural Cosmetics.

Sunsilk segmentation strategy

Beauty products market Branded Manufacturersgrowing with a significant rate. A set of eight questions designed to analyze our hypothesis. What do you use to clean your Q 2. Kindly specify the brand of hair care that you hair? If you are asked to change your shampoo will you go for it?

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Garnier Fructis contains natural ingredients which can replace traditional way of cleaning hair60 Strongly Agree40 Agree30 27 Neither Agree nor disagree Disagree20 13 Strongly disagree10 8 3 0 Strongly Agree Agree Neither Agree Disagree Strongly nor disagree disagree Garnier Fructis contains natural ingredients which can replace traditional way of cleaning hair.

Rate the attributes in the order of importance. Most of the respondents agree that Garnier Fructis contains natural ingredients. Choose Type of service.Sunsilk is a popular personal care brand from the house of Unilever. It was launched in India in It is the HUL shampoo brand for the ‘Aspiring’ or mid-segment specially women.

The summery describes the history, mission, vision, purpose, and Sunsilk’s total brand and how company strategy manages these brands for segmentation, targeting, and positioning. This reporttells us that how company selects their segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy for .

Approaches to subdivision of a market or population into segments with defined similar characteristics. Five major segmentation strategies are (1) behavior segmentation, (2) benefit segmentation, (3) demographic segmentation, (4) geographic segmentation, and (5) psychographic segmentation.

a. a low cost market entry strategy in which two or more firms represent one another's complementary yet non-competing products in the markets. b. the process of . Sunsilk is using market penetration strategy, new market segment strategy and geographical expansion strategy for searching new consumers.

Very attractive advertising and other propositional activities perform a vital role in this case. markety segmentation of sunsilk. Demography is not the only or the best way to segment markets.

Even more crucial to marketing objectives are differences in buyer attitudes, motivations, values.

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