Theoretical framework regarding teenage pregnancy prevention

Abstract Early adolescence ages 10—14 years is among the most neglected stages of development, yet there are few stages during the life course where changes are as dramatic. The present conceptual framework proposes four central goals to be achieved by early adolescence:

Theoretical framework regarding teenage pregnancy prevention

Data collection took place between February and August One arrived pregnant but was unaware of her pregnancy and one had both pregnancies overseas in transit country prior to arrival. All women were Conclusionsunemployed except one who had a casual job at a supermarket.

Of the sixteen participants, ten were from Sudan, three from Liberia, and one each from Burundi, Ethiopia and Sierra Leone. All women, but for two, had lived in a transit country following flight from their country of origin, with some living in so-called transit situations for up to seven years.

All women had a religious affiliation: Cultural influences Regardless of whether the pregnancy was planned or unplanned, all the teen mothers in our study decided to proceed with their pregnancy.

Chelsea, a young Muslim woman, discusses her fear of abortion, the fate that awaits a woman if she dies due to an abortion, and the implications of abortion for the family: In the camp, one girl, she was pregnant and she was a Muslim girl and she got pregnant by a Christian boy and then the Christian boy denied the pregnancy and then she went and drank something to get an abortion and then she died.

So that one make many people scared in the camp. And then when she died, like a Muslim, you do abortion no one will touch you. No one will come next to you the body.

Theoretical framework regarding teenage pregnancy prevention

So it was so sad. Chelsea However, women also spoke of more positive reasons for proceeding with pregnancy.

A conceptual framework for early adolescence: a platform for research

Becoming a mother Among these young women, becoming a mother was largely a positive experience, despite the associated challenges. They were generally happy to have a baby of their own and felt that their lives had changed for the better since becoming a mother, even when everyday life was difficult.

Motherhood was perceived to be a connection and an avenue for their parents to accept a partner they would otherwise not accept. I thought if I get pregnant and have a baby together with him, mum will not be able to do anything about it and we will be together because of the baby.

Motherhood, however, also brought some mixed feelings and experiences. Having someone to lean on irrespective of their age can bring feelings of joy to these young women.


For Alimatou, a mother to a two year-old boy and expecting a second baby, support was provided by her son. Below Alimatou shares her joys and sorrows of motherhood as a pregnant young mother:Implementing Community-Wide Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Strategies.

San Francisco, CA: University of California, San Francisco, Bixby Center for Reproductive Health Research & in a theoretical framework, depth and duration of program exposure, and well-trained, committed, and Frameworks for Implementing Community-Wide .

Theoretical framework regarding teenage pregnancy prevention

Second, the conceptual framework presented identifies a key set of outcomes for early adolescence: engagement in learning, emotional and physical safety, positive sense of self/self-efficacy, and life and decision-making skills. Because teenage pregnancy is a serious problem in American society there have been a number of studies regarding the rate of teen pregnancies, their causes or contributing factors, and prevention (D'Angelo, Gilbert, Rochat, Santelli, & Herold.

2 Teenage Pregnancy Prevention Framework Over the last 18 years the under conception rate has fallen by almost 60% with all councils achieving reductions, but inequalities remain.

Theories and Approaches

This framework aims to help local areas assess their teenage pregnancy prevention programmes to: A Powerpoint version of the teenage pregnancy prevention framework is also available to download.

Pregnancy is not simply an undesirable disease to be avoided; pregnancy prevention is a health behavior in its own right.

5,6,,40 Our more recent understanding of contraceptive behavior is through its role in health promotion -maintenance and enhancement of physical, psychological and social wellbeing.

Theories and Approaches